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We are now enrolling for the 2023-2024 school year! Please call 760-243-3074 for more information.
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We believe that every person born into the world is a gift and a creation of God, redeemed by Jesus Christ. We believe that every person has been granted natural talents for service to God and man, and that it is the responsibility of Christian education to develop these abilities to the greatest possible extent for such service. Zion Lutheran School will provide an environment where each student will develop spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically, according to his/her God-given abilities. Zion will provide curriculum, experiences and relationships that encourage personal achievement and development, encouraging and enabling each student to fulfill his or her potential.

Our Students Say: 
“I am thankful to everyone who has cared for me and led me over the years. I am also thankful to my parents for sending me to school here where I could learn, not only about reading, writing, and arithmetic, BUT ALSO about God’s love for me! The most important thing I learned from Zion Lutheran School is that God wants me to follow him and trust him ALL the days of my life! For that, I will be forever grateful to the teachers, the pastors, and the staff.” Drayton Wheat (Class of 2017)
"I have enjoyed my time at Zion Lutheran School. I have learned how to have a solid relationship with God. My love for music has grown since I’ve been at Zion Lutheran. I have made friends who accept me for who I am.” Brittney Christophe (Class of 2016

Why should you choose a Lutheran School for your children?

     The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod operates the largest Protestant school system in the world. Currently LCMS congregations operate 1,285 early childhood centers and preschools (87,728 students), 880 elementary schools (113,919 students) and 90 high schools (19,655 students). In addition, its higher education system includes 10 universities and two seminaries in the United States. These schools educate over 221,000 students and are taught by approximately 17,000 teachers.

     Lutherans care about quality Christian education. Lutheran teachers are prepared to teach the disciplines they are specializing in from the beginning of their college experience. Their faith is an integral part of the preparation, and cannot be separated from their teaching, from their knowledge, or from their life. Because their teaching is so integrated, each child is seen as a unique and loved child of God, and addressed as a whole person. God’s grace and his Word inform every aspect of school life, so children receive not only an excellent academic education, but also their creativity is encouraged through the arts, healthful lifestyles are encouraged, and their character is formed towards the image of Jesus.


Why pay for something I can get for free?

     Education is a priceless investment that affects every aspect of your child’s life now and in the future. It informs—and will continue to inform—every aspect of their life. We develop character within an excellent academic Christ-Centered education, preparing, developing and nurturing a classroom environment in which every student will know God’s love, forgiveness, and salvation through the opportunities of our everyday experiences, living in God’s love through Christ as we pursue academic excellence.  Values, priorities, work ethic and lifestyle choices are all influenced by elementary education. This foundation can be laid only once, so an elementary school should be chosen wisely.